November 12, 2010
Segev Featured on Latin Grammy Award Winning Album

Fernando Otero's latest album Vital, on which Inbal Segev performs, won Best Classical Album at the 2010 Latin Grammy Awards.

Argentine pianist, composer and band-leader Fernando Otero's new album for World Village, Vital is a meditative yet emotionally refractive set of eleven modern chamber-music pieces, redolent of tango nuevo, of twentieth-century atonality, sharp-edged downtown jazz and other sounds Otero picked up at home and on his travels. The opening duet for piano and violin, "Nocturno" is a limping waltz that appears to depict an insomniac's midnight musings. It leads seamlessly into two succeeding yet unrelated movements. "Siderata", scored for six players including a bandoneon, Argentina's emblematic squeezebox, is an exercise in stillness, like the uneasy peace that so often precedes a small universe of sonic color on "Noche Iluminada", while "Fin de Revision" contradicts its title by continuing to mutate and evolve until the final, wheezing exhalation.

"Urbane and exotic, surreal and street-wise, and alive with invention and emotion."

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