May 24, 2011
Constance Hauman Speaks with France's Clam Mag
What's your name?
Constance Hauman
What do you do?

Singer, actress, writer, composer, director, producer.
Where do you live?

Paris and NYC.
The new clam issue is about "Going Forward" before everything else i want to know what project you are working on now?

I have just finished writing a cycle of songs called The Rhythm of the Insane
What does "Going Forward" mean to you?

It means taking a leap of faith whenever one can to follow one's intuition even if it seems impossible or one is fearful.
How have you "Gone Forward" in your life & work?

I have had a 25 year career as an opera singer which has also embraced writing my own show and documentary film about the composers who fled Europe for Hollywood, has included working and premiering many ground breaking new compositions like Olga Neuwirth's Lost Highway, Harrison Birtwhistle's Gawain for the reopening of the Royal Opera House London; working with pioneering theater directors in Opera like Travis Preston, Ivo Van Hove, Christopher Alden; an epic production and Live recording of Berg's Lulu for the city of Copenhagen. I did my first play last year, a poignant comedy based on the life of Florence Foster Jenkins which is a tour de force 2 person play where I had to sing many of the arias I have sung all my life but out of tune and terribly haha! All these leaps of faith allowed me to finally write my own music and words and play/perform them as well. Now I am producing and directing shows for rock bands as there is a direct connection to the many rocked out opera productions I had the fortune to be part of for the bulk of my career. My songs and lyrics also helped me take the leap of faith to get out of a destructive and chaotic 17 year relationship.
Is it necessary to go forward or just relax and be thankful for what you got?
100% Relaxing and being thankful is so important to allow the ‘channel' of creativity and healing to work... to go with the flow (of life) is much more than a cliche.
How does one know they‘ve moved forward?
When they don't recognize their past or past selves, when they are expressing potentialities that they only dreamed' but hadn't dared yet to manifest
After you've "gone forward", what's the next step?
Keep moving forward and enjoying every second.
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