Vocalist - Baritone
HGO’s “Glory Denied” proves a visceral triumph in (another) unconventional space

"Ben Edquist, in the role of Older Thompson, was exceptional in embodying the different aspects of his character with a rich, robust baritone and impressive acting. The range of expression he achieved was astounding—a voice of glinted steel as the tormentor in Act I, an increasingly desperate voice full of confusion, bitterness, and anguish, rambling out a list of things he no longer understands about his country in the 'Welcome Home' solo—moving from a self-assured, controlled voice in his address to the congregation, to his aching solo as a drunken, broken man."

Sherry Cheng, Texas Classical Review
Prince of Players – Houston Grand Opera

“Edquist’s warm, soothing voice and youthful, fresh-faced appearance, were effective in realizing Kynaston's ambiguous sexuality and his gender-shifting performances, either as passive female (when playing Desdemona in an onstage Othello) or aggressive and murderous male (as Othello).”

Gregory Barnett, Opera News
At Glimmerglass Festival, ‘The Magic Flute’ Is Among the Reimagined

“Other standouts, all from the festival’s Young Artist program, were Ben Edquist, a delightful Papageno.”

James R. Oestreich, New York Times
Glimmerglass Festival: no better place for The Magic Flute and Candide

“Ben Edquist had so much going for him in his first time in the role of Papageno, and clearly has many more refractions of this luscious clown in him to steal the show in decades of productions.”

Susan Galbraith, DC Theatre Scene
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