Vocalist - Tenor
The Face on the Barroom Floor & Emperor Norton

“The singers in Norton … were splendid. Betancourt’s lovely voice, her acting talents and her completely credible identity as both Diana the person and Diana the actress playing many parts was handsomely matched by Gordon’s strong singing and delightful chivalry as both Michael the man and a fellow player caught in the surprise of improvised scenes.”

Jean Ballard Terepka, theaterscene.net
Chelsea Opera makes a worthy case for Mollicone Double-bill

“Emperor Norton … is a strong, involving opera, composed with craft and a great clarity of purpose.... This is a potent one-act opera, with terrific performances.” [The role of Michael is sung by David Gordon.]

George Grella, New York Classical Review
The Face on the Barroom Floor & Emperor Norton

“David Gordon showed tremendous dramatic versatility as Michael, the actor, who must tackle humorous roles such as the snooty waiter and menacing roles such as the ship’s captain who swindles Norton out of his money.”

Arlo Mckinnon, Opera News
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