Vocalist - Baritone
BSO’s stripped down ‘La Boheme’ puts music above spectacle

"Kempson’s sumptuous baritone gave Marcello a depth Puccini may not have envisioned for the struggling painter."

Judy Harrison, Bangor Daily News
One Life Divided in West Edge Opera’s As One

“Kempson [Hannah Before] ... gave a strong performance. In ‘Entire of Itself,’ Kempson brought staggering pathos to a scene that could have otherwise dragged; his many high passages throughout the show sounded effortless.”

Rebecca Wishnia, San Francisco Classical Voice
As One – West Edge Opera

“There was the simple ingenuity of the piece’s basic conception, which depicts a single character as two musical voices: Hannah Before (the fluid, fresh-toned baritone Dan Kempson) and Hannah After ...”

Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle
The Snow Dragon opera a deeply moving triumph

“Dan Kempson is a menacing but charismatic Stark.”

Michael Proudfoot, Bangkok Post
The Snow Dragon Is an Audacious Premiere

“Using his good looks and great baritone to brutal effect, Dan Kempson raises bully Peter Stark (alias Ringmaster) into an essential presence – a performance strength that drives us past simplistic villainy.”

Dominique Paul Noth, Urban Milwaukee Dial
Skylight's World Premiere THE SNOW DRAGON Casts Contemporary, Fantastical Spell

“Each female character remains under the commanding rule of ringmaster/father figure Stark, a convincing Dan Kempson.”

Peggy Sue Dunigan, Broadway World
SILENT NIGHT - Fort Worth Opera Festival

“Kevin Newell and Dan Kempson were commanding figures.... Their vocal delivery — especially Kempson’s resonant baritone — was as smooth as aged Scotch.”

Willard Spiegelman, Opera News
At Santa Fe Opera, a Carmen at the Mexico-U.S. border works marvelously

“Carmen’s fellow smugglers are also quite good, with Dan Kempson as Le Dancaïre.... The quintet ‘Nous avons en tête une affaire!’ shot sparks.”

Gregory Sullivan Isaacs, Albuquerque Journal
Review: Humanity in the midst of war, at FW Opera Festival

“Dan Kempson’s beefy baritone suits the Scottish commander Lt. Gordon.”

Scott Cantrell, Dallas Morning News
Glass and Ginsberg Inspire Cultural Revolution at Milwaukee's Skylight
“Six superb opera singers … [including] Dan Kempson … transform Ginsberg’s free form, descriptive and intellectually penetrating words into harmonious, lyric rhythms.”
Peggy Sue Dunigan, Broadway World
Skylight Music Theatre finds power in 'Hydrogen Jukebox'
“Clutching a poem and speaking into an old-fashioned microphone, baritone Dan Kempson channeled [Allen] Ginsberg reading from ‘Wichita Vortex Sutra,’ written as Ginsberg traveled through Kansas during the height of the Vietnam War. … In one disarmingly simple song about the power of the imagination, Kempson’s Ginsberg sits on a couch, whisked about by four vocalists as he travels back to an idyllic past. In a second song, antic agitprop morphs into a furious indictment of Iran-Contra and a harrowing look at its victims.”
Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
“Orestes [is] handsomely sung by the baritone Dan Kempson.”
George Loomis, Financial Times
No Exit for Returning Son Who Upsets His Family's Expectation of Vengeance
“Dan Kempson, a strong lyric baritone, brings a touching blend of poignancy and exasperation to Alwan, who cannot believe what his mother wants him to do.”
Anthony Tommasini, New York Times
Review Voice, instruments mix well in Wichita Symphony Orchestra's performance of 'Carmina Burana'
“Baritone Dan Kempson had a wonderfully rich, yet strikingly clear tone.”
David Baxter, Wichita Eagle
Entering the Universe of a Man of Science and Faith Philip Glass's 'Kepler' at Spoleto Festival USA
“Six vocal soloists — [including] Dan Kempson, baritone … — gave strong performances, individually and as an ensemble, as professorial colleagues, theologians or shocked citizens caught in the war.”
Allan Kozinn, New York Times
"Baritone Dan Kempson, filling in at last minute, exhibited a wonderfully lyric tone throughout, especially evident on 'Dies, Nox et Omnia.'"
James O. Welsch, Syracuse Post-Standard
Fort Worth Opera's 'Jukebox' continues 'out-there' tradition
"Creeping, dancing, flinging themselves, the singers put on heroic performances. With understated amplification to equalize voices wherever they turn, they also sing with handsome tones and uncanny pitch accuracy. Dan Kempson's gorgeous baritone was a standout, and Abercrombie & Fitch looks won't hurt his career."
Scott Cantrell, Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Pittsburgh Opera offers superb 'Rinaldo'
"Dan Kempson was outstanding as Argante, singing with striking power and tonal luster."
Mark Kanny, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
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