Instrumentalist - Cello
Love in Lisbon: final concert of the Verão Clássico

"Gary Hoffmann's solos soared like eagles... Hoffman [was] sublime in his restrained elegance."

Laurence Vittes, Bachtrack
In Masterworks finale, Richmond Symphony gives the Brahms First monumental treatment

"Gary Hoffman, the Canadian-born, Paris-based cellist who has been widely lauded as a soloist and chamber musician since the 1980s, delivered a fine performance of Elgar’s Cello Concerto in E minor....

"Hoffman’s collaborative playing with the orchestra — to which he was visibly attentive — was as pleasurable a listening experience as his projection of Elgar’s melodies and rhetorical gestures."

Clarke Bustard, Richmond Times-Dispatch
Cypress String Quartet leaves on a high note

"This performance oozed the verve and elegance of French baroque music. Seated in front of the arched quartet, Mr. Hoffman delivered a full-bodied sound, fleshing out the varied part with extroversion and nuance. His gravelly, crunchy tone in La Tromba yielded to the muted, simple beauty of the following Plainte."

Elizabeth Bloom, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Cellist Gary Hoffman tugs at heartstrings

"Hoffman's entry, literally a heave and sigh, was good enough to keep one transfixed for the work's entire 35-minute duration. His shaping of melodic phrases was excellent, keeping the thematic thrust and narrative coherent."

Chang Tou Liang, The Straits Times
Charlotte Symphony opens season with robustness, delicacy

“The orchestra struck an unusual balance with soloist Gary Hoffman in Dvorak’s concerto. The musicians were the composer’s public face, proud and assertive in vivid climaxes; Hoffman was Dvorak’s private face, meditative and slightly sad. (The slow movement was a songful tribute to Dvorak’s sister-in-law, who died while he was writing it.) Hoffman went so far inside that movement, scaling down his sound, that he seemed to snap out of a reverie when the uptempo finale began.”

Lawrence Toppman, Charlotte Observer

"The Cypress Quartet and guest Gary Hoffman realize a potent rendition of Schubert’s late masterpieces, delivered in fine sound."

Gary Lemco, Audiophile Audition
Fine Brahms from Gary Hoffman and David Selig
“Hoffman gave us some poignant and heartfelt playing without being overly mawkish and also some rich, dark colouring in the double stopping sections. The finale was superb with Hoffman giving us perfectly controlled and elegantly shaded lines and a luminous tone throughout.”
Robert Beattie, Seen and Heard International
"(Hoffman) His tone is a shade lighter, which I find perfectly suited to this extroverted, quicksilver music; his bowing technique and intonation are immaculate ... this is musicianship not just to admire, but also to treasure.

"This disc is a contender for my 2013 Want List, and every lover of Mendelssohn and cello music should seek it out without delay; enthusiastically recommended." Read More...
James A. Altena, Fanfare
MENDELSSOHN: L'oeuvre pour violoncello et piano
“Gary Hoffman and David Selig make a strong impression. Hoffman’s sound throughout is big, robust, but singing, and Selig is not only virtuosic but equally attuned to the varied emotional strains in this music.”

Lee Passarella, Audiophile Audition
Quiet triumph for the Philharmonic
"Cellist Gary Hoffman delivered an out-of-the-ordinary performance of the familiar Cello Concerto in B minor by Dvorak. Even with an ordinary performance, this elegant and intricate work would please the listener, but in Hoffman's hands, it led the listener into moments of hushed breathlessness, as with the stunning duets with cello and clarinet, cello and flute, cello and bassoon, cello and concertmaster."
Sherli Leonard, Riverside Press-Enterprise
Stringing Us Along: The Cypress String Quartet Concert
"For the final work, Schubert's grand String Quintet in C Major (1828), Gary Hoffman joined the Cypress ensemble to serve as that deep-toned low voice that liberates the instrument from any 'imitative' status to an independent line, either sung or plucked.... A collective sigh and torrent of applause marked a chamber music concert by top-flight musicians."
Gary R Lemco, Classical Music Guide
String Quartet plus percussion piece by Haas blows everyone away at Chamber Music Northwest concert
"The concert began with Fred Sherry's duo cello arrangements of three Bach Cantatas (Cantata No. 25, Cantata No. 87, and Cantata No. 137), which received a rewarding performance by Sherry and Gary Hoffman.... Another uncommon work on this program was Gaspar Cassadó's Suite for Solo Cello, which received an arresting performance from Hoffman. Exhilarating runs, lively dance themes, and impeccable intonation were just a few of the highlights of Hoffman's playing."
James Bash, Oregon Music News
"Pianist Jon Kimura Parker, violinist Cho-Liang Lin, and cellist Gary Hoffman gave spellbinding performances of the three piano trios of Johannes Brahms on Monday evening (July 11). Their concert, presented by Chamber Music Northwest, rocked the full house at Kaul Auditorium with warm-hearted, lyrical, and edge-of-the-seat playing that makes audiences listen with the utmost intensity." Read More...
James Bash, Oregon Music News
Review: Conflicts no reason to miss hearing cellist Hoffman with LSO
"Hoffman adroitly handled later passages calling for the speed of his bowing to drastically increase. I was taken by his mastering of difficult passages without ever giving the impression of showing off.

"It is obvious that this cellist has, with each performance, learned more about the music and what drove Elgar to write it. And he is only too happy to share those emotions through his instrument."

William Kerns, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal
Lincoln Center artists show exceptional quality
"Gary Hoffman and Jakob Koranyi, cellos, performed with every bit of sophistication, warmth and gentility one might expect. Of course, chamber music by its nature is intimate, but for this listener the music reached in and served as a much needed balm for the heart this night.

"With pianist and artistic director Wu Han at the keyboard, Sussman and Hoffman continued with the exceptional quality of the first half."

Gayle Williams, Sarasota Herald-Tribune
"The Amernet String Quartet, in residence at Florida International University, was joined by the well-known cellist Gary Hoffman in Schubert's Quintet in C Major and a new work by Hoffman's brother, the Cincinnati-based composer Joel Hoffman. It was a fine idea--and unusual for these concerts--to combine the old and beloved with the new, particularly with an ensemble with the finesse, richness of tone and musical panache of the five musicians on stage Sunday at Gusman Concert Hall." Read More...
David Fleshler, South Florida Classical Review
The Lyrical Cello at Symphony Silicon Valley
"Hoffman played both works with delicacy and a lightness of touch. His characteristic is a gentle lyricism, mature and contemplative, which was especially well-suited for the Bruch. Hoffman refused to be lured by the bravissimo displays of Fitzenhagen's cadenzas, and remained calm and thoughtful. His more-forthright passages alternate with a kind of inwardness that's not quieter, just more intimate, enveloping the listener in his reflections on the music."
David Bratman, San Francisco Classical Voice
"With Gary Hoffman as cello soloist, the first half's performance of the Rococo variations was also a success. Vajda shaped the beloved score with assurance, and the cellist's impeccable technique and burnished Old World tone suggested the essence of Romanticism." Read More...
Georgia Rowe, San Jose Mercury News
Vail's music soars above valley

“The orchestra offered excellent support for soloist Gary Hoffman, who chose an understated and engaging approach to the piece [Haydn Cello Concerto No.1].”

David Sckolnik, Colorado Springs Gazette
"And with all the planets aligned, this richly textured music of Brahms soared." Read More...
Barbara Zuck, Columbus Dispatch
"Hoffman's performance of the solo was breath-taking from the first notes. His cello's tone was full and rich across its compass and his control of intonation was astounding no matter how fast the passage. His refined application of dynamics and exquisite phrasing raised this performance far above just a showpiece of technical mastery. I have seldom heard anyone approach the extent to which Hoffman brought out the poetry of this masterpiece."
William Thomas Walker, Classical Voice of North Carolina
"Symphony Silicon Valley has performed with some outstanding soloists over the past few seasons but, frankly, none holds a candle to cellist Gary Hoffman, whose performance with the orchestra Thursday night at the California Theatre set a new benchmark." Read More...
Richard Scheinin, San Jose Mercury News
"He isn't a household name, but his richly expressive performances, technical prowess and knowledge of repertory are themselves legendary: 'I think Yo-Yo Ma's wonderful, but I think Gary's playing is more moving,' says Jennifer Kloetzel, cellist with the Cypress String Quartet and a protege. 'He is one of the finest cellists living today and on a par with the finest cellists who've ever lived.' Read More...
San Jose Mercury News
"Nowhere was there a more potent sense of pure introspection than Hoffman lent to Suite No.1, every movement an internal dialogue at its most personal level."
Washington Post
"The wistful, light-footed middle movement seems closer to [Saint-Saëns] core, and Mr. Hoffman played it with a nice French ardor tinged with delicacy and reserve."
New York Times
"First, they began together - precisely together - which makes a big difference in a performance.... As he played, Mr. Hoffman gave the impression of complete control. He offered a burnished, growling tone - a tone with some burrs in it. And he evinced heartfelt romanticism without gushing."
New York Sun
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