Vocalist - Soprano
Glass' SYMPHONY NO. 5 (Recording) - Trinity Church Wall Street

"That said, the music springs terrifyingly into life at key moments... or poignantly at other times, such as in the 11th movement, where soprano Heather Buck’s ethereal floating lines plead for peace and reconciliation by quoting from the 13th-century Persian poet Rumi (‘It is the time of union’). Buck is brilliant throughout..."

Pwyll ap Siôn, Gramophone
LES PÊCHEURS DE PERLES – Opera in Williamsburg

"Heather Buck served as Leila, mutual love interest and priestess. Her crystalline quality soprano was lovely to hear, lyrical in quality and flexible throughout her considerable range. She was a delight."

John Shulson, Virginia Gazette
West Edge Opera’s ‘Quartett’ puts a pitiless bravura spin on ‘Dangerous Liaisons’

"In the end, though, much of the production’s success rests on the fearless, steely and musically alert performances of Buck and Adams. Both of them are well known locally as artists who never shy away from a challenge, but their contributions here — which combine imperious technical panache and a lingering air of vulnerability — are on a whole new level."

Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle
Luca Francesconi's Quartett - West Edge Opera

"Heather Buck, charged with Francesconi’s high-flying outbursts for Merteuil, was simply dazzling, her laser-like instrument registering as pure and flawless throughout."

Georgia Rowe, Opera News
The Spotlight Is on Moral Decay in Luca Francesconi’s Provocative Quartett

"Buck effortlessly scaled the Marquise’s uncomfortably high tessitura, tapping into the Italian lyricism latent in Francesconi’s vocal writing. Maintaining a silvery tone, the soprano ascended in long, bel canto-style phrases that peaked in orgasmic climaxes."

Joe Cadagin, San Francisco Classical Voice
Brokeback Mountain - New York City Opera

"Soprano Heather Buck sang the role of Ennis's long-suffering wife, Alma, with sensitivity and pathos"

Oussama Zahr, Opera News
Brokeback Mountain - New York City Opera

"And so, [Alma Beers] manages to come across best in the cast, certainly as embodied by soprano Heather Buck. Her gorgeous voice and striking stage presence made her the star of the show."

Richard Sasanow, Broadway World
Brokeback Mountain - New York City Opera

"The soprano Heather Buck, who sang the role of Alma, Ennis’s wife, in Madrid, performed it here with bright sound and sensitivity."

Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times
'Midsummer night's Dream' beguiling and beautifully performed

"As...Tytania, Heather Buck displayed a stunningly glittering soprano...Buck’s ability to float ethereal sounds effortlessly and delicately added magic to proceedings."

John Shulson, The Virginia Gazette
Virginia Opera creates practical magic with Britten’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream”

"Soprano Heather Buck, a company favorite, was an alluring Tytania, Oberon’s Queen, with the right sparkle in the coloratura flights, including perfectly tuned upward staccato runs, and a seduction both musical and physical."

Charles T. Downey, Washington Classical Review
New York City Opera – Miss Havisham’s Wedding Night

"Heather Buck delivered an astonishing performance as Miss Havisham, wandering about in her lonely, neglected home, constantly reliving the tragedy of having been jilted on her wedding day. The role demands everything from sweet lyricism through raging screams. Buck delivered on all fronts...[her] performance was solid gold."

Arlo McKinnon, Opera News
LoftOpera Stages a Rarity, With Lingerie

"Ms. Buck was wonderful, her vocalism soaring, strong and pure."

James R. Oestreich, New York Times
Pergolesi's 'Stabat Mater' - LoftOpera

"Finally Buck, an astonishing actress with the face of the young Katharine Hepburn, literally climbed the wall, striking a cruciform pose high atop scaffolding while a black-draped Scotting fell to his knees weeping."

James Jorden, Observer
The Washington Chorus Presents Philip Glass’ Symphony No. 5

"The movement entitled 'Creation of Human Beings' (from the Popul Vuh) shone due to the expressive singing of Ms. Heather Buck."

David Friscic, DC Metro Theater Arts
Music of our time: Washington Chorus offers monumental Glass symphony

"The five soloists also did fine work, especially ... the soprano Heather Buck, who brought color and grace to her punishingly high vocal lines."

Anne Midgette, Washington Post
Gilgamesh - Beth Morrison Projects

"Ming’s expectant wife Ku got a lovely, rounded performance from Heather Buck, a lithe and impactful actress with an uncommonly beautiful soprano for the high-lying and testing repertory she serves."

David Shengold, Gay City News
Ouroboros Trilogy: Naga, Madame White Snake and Gilgamesh

"Soprano Heather Buck sang sweetly, especially in her opening ode to the fertility-granting pomegranate tree."

Joanne Sydney Lessner, Opera News
White Snake Walking – Don’t Tread on Her!

"Rounding out the principals are soprano Heather Buck, whose pure and versatile vocalism brought just the right poignancy to the role of the tragic wife in Gilgamesh."

Charles Geyer, La Scena Musicale
Trilogy Thrills, Madame White Snake Still Shines

"Buck later made us feel the joy of her character that waited so long to be with child—the love for the unborn was in each note—into singing through her labor and the subsequent taking of her child. She pulled us into the role."

Justin Casinghino, Boston Musical Intelligencer
Enchanted ‘Ouroboros’ trilogy explores eternal mysteries

"Heather Buck ... sang with sparkling lyricism in her rapturous Act I aria, and visceral desperation as she gave birth and had her child stolen at the end." 

Zoë Madonna, Boston Globe
Spoleto, at the age of 40, is still cutting edge after all these years

"Two sopranos, Heather Buck and Yuko Kakuta, gave exceptional performances of difficult material."

James L. Paulk, ArtsATL
The Little Match Girl - Spoleto Festival USA

"Sopranos Heather Buck and Yuko Kakuta handled their bric-a-brack vocal duties with aplomb. All are worthy of praise, and Buck and Kakuta were quite mesmerizing to watch as they wailed, hiccuped, and made strange guttural noises that, in polite society, would have a person labelled a cretin at best and a madman at worst."

Chris Haire, Charleston City Paper
Spoleto Festival Premieres Follow Somber Reflection

"The sopranos Heather Buck and Yuko Kakuta were similarly adept in their vocal gymnastics, producing all manner of grunts, clicks and pops."


James R. Oestreich, New York Times
‘Little Match Girl’ an immersive (unorthodox) sonic experience

"The two solo sopranos, Heather Buck and Yuko Kakuta, convey an electric sense of musical action as they throw sounds back and forth between each other and to members of the Westminster Choir and the Spoleto orchestra. The sopranos’ technical and musical facility is stunning, their musical gestures are those of chamber musicians."


Jonathan Neufeld, Post and Courier
Florentine Opera delivers involving 'Wuthering Heights' concert

“Soprano Heather Buck moved from light, facile passage work to soaring power in the role of Isabel Linton.”

Elaine Schmidt, Journal Sentinel
The Moors Are Calling

“Heather Buck brings passionate colors to Isabella’s rapturous Act Three aria.”

Paul Kosidowski, MilwaukeeMag.com
Holiday Concert - Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra

“Heather Buck, dressed in a lovely floor-length gown and with an expressive stage presence, shifted the mood from holiday fun to celebratory reverence with a beautiful performance of Mozart’s ‘Exultate, Jubilate’. With moods ranging from lyrical solemnity to exuberant joy, and replete with dazzling vocal pyrotechnics, Mozart’s music provides a worthy soprano with both an expressive opportunity and a vocal challenge; and Ms. Buck’s strong and even vocal support, flexible expressiveness, and impressive coloratura agility both met the challenge and projected the score’s expressive flow.”

Courtenay Caublé, Ridgefield Press
'Miss Havisham's Wedding Night,' 'A Water Bird Talk' shine with their soloists

“The role is choice and challenging. Soprano Heather Buck was equal to the task, sustaining the 40-minute stretch with impressive stamina and stage presence.”

Matthew Guerrieri, Boston Globe
With Argento double bill, Odyssey Opera takes two strange personal journeys

“Soprano Heather Buck delivered a convincing and hair-raising performance. Her voice is gleaming from top to bottom.... Buck met every demand fearlessly. Particularly commendable were her floated high notes and the fluency with which she handled Argento’s florid writing.”

Angelo Mao, Boston Classical Review
Nashville Opera delivers lush, lively 'La Boheme'

“Baritone Craig Verm also impresses as the jealous Marcello, and Heather Buck brings a sense of fun and frivolity to Musetta. Beyond their significant vocal contributions, both manage to balance the story’s unusual mix of light comedy and dark drama in believable fashion.”

Amy Stumpfl, Tennessean
Total: 85 (Viewing: 1–30)