Vocalist - Tenor
PBO Young Artists deftly take on Rorem's 'Our Town'
“Brilliantly guiding the audience along, playing Wilder’s Stage Manager, was Joseph Dennis, tenor, who had charm to spare and a wonderful stage presence. He also gamely played a soda jerk, lover, minister, undertaker and props man, knocking on imaginary doors and moving chairs and tables around. His cemetery soliloquy was beautifully rendered with a voice that is honey-coated mellow and easy on the ear.”
Rex Hearn, Palm Beach Arts Paper
PBO's 'Macbeth,' first cast: Chioldi, Boross impressive; Panikkar a discovery

“The American tenor Joseph Dennis, a Palm Beach Opera Young Artist, was a good Malcolm.… his voice is clear and his musicianship precise.”

Greg Stepanich, Palm Beach Arts Paper
Hungarian soprano kills in Palm Beach Opera's dramatic "Macbeth"
“Joseph Dennis was a strong Malcolm, rousing in duet with [Macduff].”

Lawrence Budmen, South Florida Classical Review
The Scottish opera scores!
“Never before have I experienced Macbeth, opera or otherwise, where there is such clarity. Macduff and Malcolm (the impressive Joseph Dennis) remain distinct.”
Jeff Haller, ConcertoNet.com
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