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Faust preview from San Francisco Opera

One of the most popular operas of all time returns in a passion-filled production featuring Stefano Secco and Patricia Racette. Jose Maria Condemi directs.
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Seattle Opera Presents Il Trovatore

See highlights from Verdi's hot-blooded melodrama Il Trovatore, including the famous "Anvil Chorus" and Antonello Palombi singing "Di quella pira." The video preview also features Lisa Daltirus, Gordon Hawkins, and Malgorzata Walewska.
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Discussing Trovatore

A short clip of Jose discussing the upcoming production of Il Trovatore for Seattle Opera.
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Jose Maria Condemi the Director for Tosca at the San Francisco Opera

Jose Maria Condemi, the stage director of Tosca, gives us an inside look.
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Tosca preview from San Francisco Opera

SF Opera's preview of the Jose Condemi directed production of Puccini's Tosca.
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Orpheus and Eurydice: Director's Talk

See the Orpheus drama unfold in rehearsal. Stage Director Jose Maria Condemi shows the singers at work, explains the storyline, and gives us a peek at the dancer choreography.
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