Instrumentalist - Viola, Instrumentalist - Violin
CHE!: A Musical Biography
Released: January 1, 2004
Catalog Num: EDI6254
CHE!: A Musical Biography by Miguel Corella features violist Nokuthula Ngwenyama and guitarist Michael Long.

"(an) evocative, haunting suite for viola and guitar...(Ngwenyama) really ambitious and well-executed project."
- Strings Magazine

The Spanish composer Corella explains his inspiration:

"CHE!: A Musical Biography is not a political statement. It is my childhood. It is a memory, a generation lost in place and time but coming back full-circle. Growing up in Spain I was exposed to freestyle jazz of the 60's, when musicians went on what seemed to be a historic journey with sound and memory...flamenco, Coltrane, Ginsberg, and Franco all entered the mix. When I moved to Ecuador in the 80's I saw that the influences that profoundly moved me as a child in Spain were strongly enhanced by the flavor of the South American Afro-Indian influence. I don't know what kind of music this is, but it is mine as seen through the many lives and places of CHE!"

Corella's free-style of composition, combined with a complete lack of inhibition, make this potpourri of lush melody, pulsating rhythm, and virtuosity one for the hipsters. Even more intriguing is his innovative approach. He keeps things acoustic while exploiting daring and percussive elements not commonly associated with either instrument. Corella's aim is to draw the listener in to the fire, intimacy, and spontaneity of each instrument's expression:

"My mother played the viola, and in Spain everyone knows the guitar. That combination of sound is my youth, my passion, and I wanted to share its depth and freedom in a larger creative statement."

Violist Nokuthula Ngwenyama, known as one of the foremost instrumentalists of her generation, makes her recording debut on EDI with Corella's tour de force. Internationally acclaimed six-time Grammy nominated guitarist Michael Long joins her.
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