Vocalist - Baritone, Symphony Pops
American Celebration

At the River (1865)
Robert Lowry / arr. Aaron Copland

The Dodger (1880's)
Campaign Song / arr. Aaron Copland

Ching-a-ring chaw (1952)
Minstrel Song / arr. Aaron Copland

Beautiful Dreamer (1864)
Stephen Foster

Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair (1854)
Stephen Foster / arr. Ned Rorem

Spiritual Medley
Were you there (1924)
arr. H.T. Burleigh
By and By (1917)
arr. H.T. Burleigh
Sometimes I feel like a Motherless Child (1918)
arr. H.T. Burleigh
Every time I feel the Spirit (1925)
arr. H.T. Burleigh
Ride on King Jesus (1946)
Hall Johnson


Armed Forces Theme Songs
1. Air Force
2. Army
3. Coast Guard
4. Marines
5. Navy

O Captain! My Captain! (1993)
Lee Hoiby

I hear an Army (1939)
Samuel Barber

In Flanders Fields (1919)
Charles Ives

Heart, We will forget him (1950)
Aaron Copland

Inauguration Ball (1969)
Ned Rorem

The Real War will never get in the books (1969)
Ned Rorem

Lady of the Harbor (1985)
Lee Hoiby


Spring (1970)
Dominic Argento

Daisies (1936)
Samuel Barber

Pastorale (1921)
Aaron Copland

Satisfaction (1984)
William Bolcom

Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening (1947)
Ned Rorem

Shenandoah (1948)
arr. Celius Dougherty


Social Note/Resume (1985)
John Musto

I shall not live in vain (1995)
Jake Heggie

Early in the Morning (1945)
Ned Rorem

Autumn Valentine (1992)
Ricky Ian Gordon

Children's Hour (1901)
Charles Ives

Where the Music comes from (1973)
Lee Hoiby


Memories (1897)
a. Very pleasant
b. Rather sad
Charles Ives

Money (2003)
Lori Laitman

Promiscuity (1953)
Samuel Barber

The Monk and His Cat (1953)
Samuel Barber

Loveliest of Trees (1934)
John Duke

I Bought Me a Cat (1950)
Aaron Copland

Dreaming (1991)
Lori Laitman
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